Meet TORG: First a meme and then a utilimeme cryptocurrency that has quickly gained momentum. Keep reading to learn more about the new cryptocurrency that has been making news lately and why you may want it in your investment portfolio!

The cryptocurrency world has undergone some serious changes since the first Bitcoin transaction was ever made back in 2009. There was a lot of uncertainty regarding how crypto coins and their market will work at that time. Fast-forward to today: the cryptocurrency market has a market size valued at $1.49 billion and gains over 900 new coins every day. 

While most of the spotlight is focused on the big names in the cryptocurrency world, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, countless newer coins are popping up like daisies almost daily. These are the “meme coins.” 

Meme coins are clear evidence that the crypto world and memes have a pretty strong relationship. Digital coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are only two of the meme-driven cryptocurrencies that have made a massive wave in the crypto space.  

Now, the popularity of memes in the crypto sphere has also inspired a new utility-driven denominator: utilimeme, which represents a meme currency that is focused on utility and sustainability. That’s TORG! 

Below, we explore more about TORG, including its unique mission and assets compared to other digital coins. 

What Is TORG?

TORG is a new crypto coin that has been gaining momentum since its launch in July this year, and it’s making fresh ripples in the sea of cryptocurrencies. Besides the regular characteristics of most crypto coins, like state-of-the-art security, decentralization, trading pairs, and so on, TORG also comes with a not-seen-before focus on utility and sustainability. 

Now, let’s give TORG a definition. This new cryptocurrency is a utilimeme, becoming the world’s first sustainable, completely decentralized, and utility-focused cryptocurrency that aims to have a significant contribution to global human development. This new crypto coin has an ambitious vision that may suit your own investing goals. It plans to increase economic activity and new development opportunities for the world’s youth while also alleviating the economic constraints faced by the world’s most marginalized populations. 

An interesting thing to know about TORG is that it opens doors for everybody to participate in its mission. More precisely, the TORG company created a number of 777 billion TORGs which were then distributed when the digital coin went live, which means that no one either owns or controls TORG. 

Today, people from around the world have a very stereotypical view of crypto coins, which TORG plans to challenge and change. More precisely, crypto investors believe that cryptocurrencies are here to hold and then be sold when their value appreciates. This is a restrictive view that ignores the huge potential involved in employing cryptocurrencies to create a new system of payments that is secure, efficient, and reliable. This is something that TORG aims to change. To make such a revolutionary mission become a reality, mass adoption of the utilimeme is needed. 

What Is the TORG Mission, and what Makes It Different?

With over 6000 cryptocurrencies in the world, one may ask, “what is it that makes TORG so special?”. Well, buckle up because you’re in for a really fascinating and ambitious ride: it all comes down to utility. 

Anybody can create a new cryptocurrency and hope for it to gain momentum just because it is inspired by a viral meme. Yet, that doesn’t ensure a high level of utility that actually contributes to global human development. This story is different when it comes to TORG. And, TORG’s story may be exactly what you want to invest in. 

TORG Foundation’s approach and vision for the future of their digital coin is very clear: to solve real-world problems. The digital coin aims to become widely accepted by merchants, create a new form of decentralized currency, and revolutionize a variety of industries. In other words, it seeks to prove real utility.  

What makes TORG so special is its unique utility-focused vision to make advanced financial technology accessible to mankind. TORG was designed to be a sustainable and universal solution that takes the current generation of cryptocurrencies a step further in providing real global utility. Unlike meme-inspired coins, TORG aims to provide real utility and empower communities to be better by empowering TORG holders from around the world to make payments for goods and services with it. 

TORG is different from other coins by aiming to enable a growing number of crypto payments with the digital coin in various daily-life use-cases. And, the first significant step towards that direction has already been taken through TORG’S recent integration with CoinPayments, the payment processor that allows merchants to accept digital coins in their store, available in over 200 countries. In other words, TORG holders are already able to pay with this cryptocurrency for goods and services. 

Also, unlike most existing coins or tokens, TORG won’t be paused, mined, or blocked thanks to the smart contract, which is a program stored on a blockchain that runs when predetermined conditions are met. In TORG’s case, the inflationary pressures associated with currency expansion simply don’t exist. 

How to Get TORG 

TORG is more than the latest hype in the crypto world connected to a viral meme. It is a digital coin with a genuine and ambitious mission aiming to benefit everyone. If that sounds like something you’d want to invest in, you’re probably wondering where you can get the utility-focused cryptocurrency from. We have some more good news: you have several options to add TORG to your investment portfolio. 

Metamask, Trustwallet, and Coinbase are only a few of the wallets that support TORG. Yet, this utilimeme is supported by any wallet that supports Polygon, Solana, xDai, or ERC20 networks.   

Need help with investing in TORG? The TORG Foundation has an impressive online presence where it connects TORG holders from around the world to share news and insights about this cryptocurrency. You can find TORG communities on various platforms, including Twitter, Telegram and Medium where you can find over 18 local communities in multiple languages from around the world. 

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