The Cardano Africa tour had been in full gear for a couple of weeks now, ending when Hoskinson had returned back to the States. Founder Charles Hoskinson had announced the tour after the successful launch of smart contracts capability on the blockchain and last month, the tour had kicked off.

Hoskinson and the Cardano Foundation plan to meet and liaise with developers of Cardano-based projects and officials of various countries to discuss the acceleration of blockchain adoption on the continent.

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Judging by Hoskinson’s Twitter feed, the tour has been going as planned as he has met with a number of project leads and officials in various countries so far. One thing that remains a mystery is the secret meetings. Cardano developer IOHK has met with Zanzibar Officials but these meetings have been kept private from the general public. Here’s what we know.

Mapping The Future For Zanzibar

Finding ways to grow interconnectedness around the continent had been one of the goals of the Cardano Africa tour. The foundation had gone into this full-swing once Hoskinson had touched down in Zanzibar. Talks of technological advancement in the region have dominated this leg of the tour.

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Charles Hoskinson himself had personally inspected solar battery modules and telecom station installations in the country. This was in an effort to bolster social advancement and help businesses succeed.

IOHK and Zanzibarian officials had discussed how to bring to fruition a more connected future for the citizens in a meeting hosted by World Mobile Team. The meeting which was held on November 8 saw both the Zanzibarian government and IOHK align values for the future, pointing out that empowerment efforts being carried out by officials to give fishermen their own boats was the kind of work the developer was interested in.

Cardano Pushing Growth In Africa

The Cardano Africa tour is only another in the series of steps that the developer has taken to help promote innovation on the continent. Crypto enthusiasts have always looked to Africa as being a hotbed for blockchain adoption and Cardano has made sure to help foster the growth in the region. Particularly the growth of Cardano-based projects.

This is why millions of dollars have been spent by the foundation to fund African projects. While there, Hoskinson had made strides for Cardano to lead blockchain development in African countries and one of the ways had been education.

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Cardano Foundation provides financial and educational support when needed for startups in Africa. Furthermore, a deal had been struck with the Ethiopian government to launch digital IDs that would help track the academic performance of students in the region on the Cardano blockchain. The idea is that if students’ performances can be tracked, then the quality of education can be improved based on the needs of the students.

Hoskinson has lauded the potential which the African continent holds for blockchain development and plans to expand the operations of Cardano on the continent in the coming years.

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