What is VTHO?

VTHO is a cryptocurrency. VeThor Energy is another name for the VTHO token, which stands for VeChainThor Energy. VeChainThor is applied to fuel VeChain transactions and is the same as the cost of completing transactions on the VET blockchain.

VTHO Price Prediction: Introduction

VTHO price prediction is making its way into the list of the most-watched cryptocurrency forecasts of 2021/22. This VeThor price prediction will analyze everything there is to know to determine whether this cryptocurrency has a future. 

According to CoinMarketCap, the VeChainThor token was valued at $0.01021 at the time of writing this piece. VeChainThor enjoys a sizeable market cap amounting to $416 million on a fully diluted market cap of $415 million. 

VeThor is what you might consider an “offshoot coin” to the wildly successful VeChain network. The token is paid as a form of a dividend to every holder of VET tokens, the native currency of the VeChain ecosystem. That said, this VHTO price prediction 2021 will tell you if this crypto is anything worth owning today. VeThor price prediction is in close connection with the Vechain price prediction.

VTHO Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

VeChainThor has attempted to recover back towards the $0.0240 level, following a dip toward $0.0008 in these past months. The move lower helped reverse a bearish price divergence that was building up on the MACD indicator since VTHO briefly tested a historic high at $0.0286. 

Source: TradingView

The technical analysis shows that a breakout from the fall remains valid even though prices trade below $0.01. As for VTHO price prediction, this cryptocurrency could trade as high as $0.0151 in the medium term. The daily time frame shows VTHO breaking above its 200-day moving average, which is technically VeThor Token price predictions 2021 have turned bullish. 

A breakout above $0.0151 coupled with a broader crypto market rally could carry enough momentum to see VTHO rallying towards a bullish target of $0.0286. The technical point to a bullish bias on VTHO while trade below $0.0105. The four-hour chart show bearish head and shoulder patterns are forming recently following the slow decline towards $0.0045. 

Source: TradingView

Looking more closely at VeThor price prediction, possible neckline support is found at the $0.0084 line. Judging the size of the bearish pattern, a fall towards the $0.0045 level is likely. If the bearish pattern is vindicated, then VTHO could breakout below $0.0045 to fall on $0.0042 before price recovery. 

However, if the bearish pattern is invalidated, VeChainThor crypto could rally towards $0.0107. In the meantime, VTHO has the feel of a big tradeable bottom, having formed after a multi-week spell of capitulation selling. The market has bounced off of oversold readings. At this point, for the best VTHO price prediction, all you can do is wait. 

So, what VTHO is reacting to is the rapidly changing dynamics created by a period of strong performance. That means investors are now betting on a significant slowing of the cryptocurrency market. Certainly, things could change on a dime. After all, VTHO offers an incredible value proposition, which means that any hint of very good news will change what could be an emerging long-term downtrend for the VeChainThor token. 

VTHO Price Prediction: Market Opinions

What do the experts and Algo say about VTHO price prediction for 2021? In this section, we take a look at the popular VTHO price prediction courtesy of expert traders and AI-powered forecasting systems. Here is everything you need to know about the future price of VTHO. 


Starting off with WalletInvestor, a thorough price data analysis helped educate the forecast that VTHO could be valued for as much as $0.0178 within a year. The bullish sentiment is backed by the forecast that VTHO is headed for a $0.0521 valuation in five years. However, the forecast warns of a medium-term fall in price occasioned by the ongoing dip. 


According to CoinQuora, VTHO is a solid cryptocurrency investment. The forecast system projects that VeThor token price by 2022 is expected to reach $0.07. This prediction also reinforces the idea that VTHO reaching $1 soon is very much possible. As per this bullish sentiment, prices by 2023 could be between $0.5 and $1. 

Digital Coin Price

DigitalCoinPrice concurs in its optimistic VTHO price prediction. The forecast calculates that VeThor could soon be worth $0.0157 within a year. Building on the same momentum, the forecast has VTHO trading on $0.0192 by the end of 2022. While the forecast projects prices are moving up, it also reveals that VTHO will not be making any significant moves within a year. 


A study by StormGain also shows VTHO could go up within a year, but is less significant compared to the rally fuelled by Bitcoin’s record-setting rise. The forecast projects VTHO could go up to $0.22 banking on a new bull run of the crypto market. Chances are VTHO could breakout above $0.01 by the end of 2021, and rally strongly in 2022. 


The Cryptopolitan has VTHO among its must-watch cryptocurrencies for 2021-2022. A study by the trading experts reveals VeThor token could reach $0.01 within a year. Moreover, the forecast predicts prices could double by December 2022, where VTHO could be valued at $0.02148. Let’s move forward in our VTHO price prediction to see what the other experts have to say.


The trading experts at TradingBeast, however, don’t offer any re-assuring forecasts for VTHO. According to their projection, the best outcome for the VeThor token in 221/22 is $0.0113. That is a slight increase from the current price, which could also be seen as the price finding stability in this area. Based on this information, a possible rally towards $0.0286 might be possible. 


Cryptocurrency analysts iTradeForex predicts that VTHO is poised for a breakout past $0.0192 is imminent. Based on his technical analysis, VTHO is bouncing in a channel, which is most likely to rally the crypto to new heights. In fact, the analysis presents the idea that the possibility of a new high setting in is likely based on past performance and recurring patterns. 

Likewise, Trading-The-Trend is betting on the bullish pennant developing on the daily chart to target a selling point at $0.0243. Based on the technical analysis, the most likely end-of-year value for VTHO is $0.0191. It is only a matter of time before VTHO clears the resistance level at $0.01, which could be a pivotal level for the perfect bullish divergence on both the MACD and RSI. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning VTHO

VeThor token is set to benefit from a major milestone for the VeChain project, which seeks to eliminate the tradeoffs from the Nakamoto Consensus and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus. The new upgrade will give VeThor a significant leg up in establishing itself as one of the most valuable, eco-friendly cryptocurrencies on the market. 

VTHO price prediction is banking on good fundamentals to set up VeThor for awesome gains in the market. Through the new PoA 2.0 consensus, VeChainThor will guarantee data finality as the result of a high throughput capability. The mechanism upgrade will provide an even more secure and efficient layer one public blockchain platform. 

This new consensus update brings VeChainThor a step closer to accomplishing what has been dubbed Economic Digitization. It presents the cryptocurrency with a path to large-scale adoption, which is exactly what every investor wants to hear. With this new development, early adopters should expect to welcome big money investors and a bullish VeThor price prediction. 

Combined with the high-performance VTHO is already showcasing, VeChainThor will cement its role as a useable currency with an almost neutral environmental impact compared to Bitcoin. Why is this important? Studies on enterprise-level involvement in the crypto market reveal that investors are increasingly attracted to eco-friendly currencies. As users embrace carbon reduction targets, VeChainThor is in the perfect position to be the public blockchain of choice for long-term enterprise collaboration.

VTHO Price Prediction: Verdict

According to bullish VeThor price prediction, the future of VTHO is bright. VTHO price prediction is evidence that this token is a profitable investment in the long term. As the bearish season comes closer to an end, traders can look at VeThor price prediction 2021 as evidence to hold positions and stay positive. 

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