Bitcoin (BTC) has recently faced multiple resistance around the $58K level, but it now trades at $58,006.

CryptoQuant’s data shows that BitMEX recorded an outflow of 35,486 BTC in July, marking the second-largest BTC outflow in its history. Historically, the Exchange Netflow indicator on BitMEX has shown a strong inverse correlation with Bitcoin price movements.

BitMEX: The Second Largest #Bitcoin Outflow

“The recent outflow of 35,486 $BTC from BitMEX should not be ignored. Historically, such events on BitMEX are predictable signals that precede Bitcoin price increases.” – By @joao_wedson

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— (@cryptoquant_com) July 10, 2024

Despite the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) triggered by Mt. Gox’s and the German government’s recent fund transfers to exchanges, certain investors are quietly accumulating BTC, as shown in recent on-chain data.

This coincides with an impressive $216.4 million inflow into US spot Bitcoin ETFs on July 9, marking the second consecutive day of positive net flows this week. Additionally, technical analysis indicates a bullish divergence on a momentum indicator, suggesting a potential rally ahead.

While Bitcoin’s market outlook appears promising, several lesser-known cryptocurrencies have posted noteworthy price gains on the on-chain market.

Traders are turning to these markets to invest in these types of cryptocurrencies. However, on-chain markets are highly volatile and illiquid despite offering high returns. Investors use tools like DEXScreener to explore these markets and identify the top crypto gainers.

Top Crypto Gainers Today on DEXScreener

Boppy ($BOPPY)

$BOBBY is among the trendy meme coins on Solana, which stands out with its distinctive dog avatar reminiscent of popular meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, capitalizing heavily on community-driven hype.

At press time, the $BOPPY meme token trades at 0.0008482 per token, marking a notable 47.67% increase in the past 24 hours and 15% in the last hour. The token has also generated hot-red trading volume amounting to $1.3 million and boasts a market capitalization of $868,000, held by 1,328 investors.

$BOPPY is up 15% in lathe st hour

The surge in $BOPPY’s price is largely driven by its association with the iconic dog avatars that have historically captured the interest of meme coin investors. Despite its meme-inspired appeal, $BOPPY has a relatively low social media following, with just 560 followers on X (formerly Twitter) and 342 subscribers on Telegram.

Investors are drawn to $BOPPY because of its rapid price appreciation, which positions it as one of the top crypto gainers today.

Potential investors need to approach $BOPPY with caution, however. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, $BOPPY lacks utility beyond its meme status and does not showcase intrinsic partnerships or use cases on its website.

Rocky ($ROCKY)

$ROCKY is another meme coin that has recently become one of the top crypto gainers today on the Solana blockchain. This token is humorously tied to a meme story about Rocky, the “cutest and most loyal rock.”

The narrative behind $ROCKY involves a pet rock that requires careful acclimation to its new home. Owners are advised to leave the rock in its box for a few days to help it adjust, placing the box in a special area of the home.

Some owners even find that ticking an alarm clock near the box has a soothing effect on the pet rock. After three days, the pet rock is ready to be enjoyed.

At press time, $ROCKY trades at $0.01347, reflecting a 1,512% increase in the last 24 hours and a 37.62% rise in the last six hours. The meme coin has a 24-hour trading volume of $16.3 million and is held by 3,162 investors.

$ROCKY is up 1,512 in the past 24 hours

With 1,622 followers on X and 802 followers on Telegram, $ROCKY’s social media presence is relatively modest compared to top meme coins.

Despite the excitement, investors should exercise caution. $ROCKY lacks substantive utility to sustain long-term growth and offers no guarantees about its future market presence.

Meme Boy ($MEMEBOY)

$MEMEBOY is celebrated as the voice of meme culture within the crypto space.

The memecoin’s website describes a narrative where Meme Boy is portrayed as the originator and driving force behind all memes. Meme Boy is depicted as an OG with a big brain that helps others bring culture and humor to the blockchain.

At press time, $MEMEBOY trades for $0.00004238, showing an impressive increase of 1,800% in the past day and 51.73% in the last six hours. The meme coin has a noteworthy 24-hour trading volume of $1.1 million and is held by 361 investors.

$MEMEBOY shot up 1,800% in the past day

$MEMEBOY’s recent price surge places it among the top crypto gainers today, with a good online presence, which includes nearly 9,000 followers on X and 333 subscribers on Telegram.

Consider Crypto Presales

Meme coins attract investors seeking quick gains, like our top crypto gainers on DEXScreener.

The crypto market is rife with scams, and due to the perceived lack of intrinsic use cases for many of these assets, it’s easy for any fraudster to launch and rug investors a few days later, however. For investors looking for low-priced projects with relevant use cases, crypto presales might be worth investigating.

Cryptocurrency presales offer investors an avenue to buy into ambitious projects at extremely low prices before they go public. The idea is to buy into a protocol that aligns with your investment strategy, before the project launches its native token.

With numerous presale opportunities, it might be difficult to know where to start. CryptoNews analysts created a carefully researched list to help new investors make an informed decision.

14 Best Crypto Presales to Invest In Now

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