It’s no longer news that crypto and NFTs are the future of the much-anticipated Metaverse. Unless you are new on the internet or living under a rock, the chances are that you have heard about the Metaverse and how it’s shaping the world. With so much buzz going on in the gaming world and NFT ecosystem, it’s almost impossible to discuss this union without mentioning TipsyVerse.

TipsyVerse: Open-world Metaverse Game

TipsyVerse, though set to launch in 2023, promises to be the bridge that gaming and NFTs enthusiasts can leverage and make the most of the Metaverse. TipsyVerse is best described as an NFT-centric gaming ecosystem. It is a decentralized gaming ecosystem that is built on Non-Fungible Token architecture — and it has its native token, TipsyCoin ($tipsy).

Contrary to words on the streets and speculations about TipsyVerse, it transcends playing games in the Metaverse. While gamers get to play amazing games such as casino-based roulette, poker, slot machines, and other fun activities like bowling and pool, TipsyVerse also gives you the option to explore its open-world metaverse to meet new friends or build lasting relationships.

Gamers can also use the TipsyVerse game to conquer real-life phobias, such as taking part in adventurous games that are set in treacherous terrains like skydiving and fast and furious-style racing.

Trade NFTs with Ease

You also get to customize/personalize your characters with a variety of wearables, purchase vehicles, buy land, and even build your dream home. All of which are in the form of NFTs to serve as proof of ownership in case you wish to sell them on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Meet People and Build Relationships on TipsyVerse

TipsyVerse is indeed not your regular NFT-centric gaming platform as it allows you to meet people, make friends, build relationships, socialize in clubs and concerts while being treated to electrifying beats of popular DJs like DJ Skrillex and David Guetta.

Gamers are sure to be blown out of their socks when the game integrates VR headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2 and HTC Vive.

What More Has TipsyVerse Got to Offer?

From customizing your characters to forming relationships and exploring TipsyVerse’s vast space with new friends and trading NFTs, you also get to be a part of the fight for global sustainability by contributing your quota to community and future developments.

TipsyVerse is keen on making the world a better place and championing the drive for sustainability. In its effort to push this noble cause, the proceeds from sales tax are distributed with 2% out of the 10% sales tax set aside for sustainability, community, and future developments. No buy tax!

Vicente Fox and Apple’s Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak Endorse TipsyCoin

2% of TipsyCoin’s proceeds on sales tax will go to charity and other humanitarian initiatives such as protecting children and animals and creating more awareness on climate change.

The former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, shares in the vision of TipsyVerse and have actively demonstrated his support by endorsing this project even before it is launched.

In a recording made from the Fox Presidential Library, president Vicente urged people to join TipsyVerse and be a part of its laudable commitment towards community and future development. In his words, he said, “Join into TipsyVerse to save the world and help children, animals, and climate issues.”

But that Is Not All

In addition to getting the backing of president Vicente Fox, TipsyCoin has also gotten endorsement from other high-profile figures like Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak. Others include celebrities like Paula Abdul and Kevin Quinn. TipsyCoin was also featured on Forbes and

In addition to its unwavering commitment to the community, TipsyCoin’s Metaverse is thoughtfully designed to help with mental health and foster social interaction through minigames and activities that bring people closer.

TipsyCoin: The Novel Cryptocurrency

To be a part of TipsyVerse, you need to purchase TipsyVerse NFTs using $tipsy, and as the popularity game surges, it is expected that the NFTs will equally rise in demand. In simple terms, TipsyCoin is TipsyVerse’s currency.

TipsyCoin is set to launch in Q1 of 2022 and will be available for gamers to buy NFTs until the release of TipsyVerse launches in 2023. Only 10 billion $tipsy will ever be created, and the amount of available TipsyCoin will continuously decrease as a result of burn and strategic buybacks from the market.

The automatic buyback protocol is designed to stabilize prices during downtrends, and they’ll occur at different times.

TipsyCoin’s Contracts Are Gnosis Safe

To protect its holders ($tipsy holders), TipsyVault has coded smart contracts to prevent it from being sent to external wallets. TipsyCoin’s buyback & burn protocol involves extensive coding that’s intended to cushion against whale dumbs and chart manipulations.

For an extra-layer and full-proof security, TipsyCoin leverages Gnosis Safe multi-sig vaults to protect $tipsy from compromised keys or bad actors.

$tipsy Is Minted Directed to Vaults

As part of TipsyCoin’s commitment to transparency and community, all transactions (including those from marketing, development, and other vaults) are approved collectively by the Board and are never controlled by an individual. Similarly, $tipsy is minted directed to vaults or contracts – not a single tipsy or LP token is minted to a personal account of an owner or admin.

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