Thrust is a new economic powerhouse built on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) with a robust mission of building portfolios for the holders. It leverages frictionless farming aligned with the latest DeFi products to ensure high-end security and safety to the holders.

Thrust is seen as the next generation’s IRA of crypto, allowing users to generate a passive income and build a retirement portfolio, all fully automated. Thrust token holders instantly receive other tokens in their wallets as a reward. Thrust holders don’t have to stake or farm; they get rewards directly into their wallets, making it very user friendly and efficient. The rewarding began with BUSD and rotates to other BEP-20 tokens which are decided by community votes. 5% Redistribution in USDC/BNB/BTC/ETH or any other token voted by the community, meaning that 5% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all THRUST holders. The Thrust developers are focused on improving the entire ecosystem of the token consistently to provide the best experience. 

Thrust is an example of a crypto pioneer, leveraging the technology to new heights and allowing the community to benefit from it. The holders are building a diverse portfolio from high growth to more established tokens, mitigating the risk and setting the holders up for retirement. The latest reward for holding $THRUST was BNB upon request of the community. As more and more people enter the crypto ecosystem, the demand for passive portfolio building will only increase and Thrust is right at the forefront of this transition.

How To Buy Thrust Tokens

It’s pretty easy to buy a Thrust token. All you need to do is follow the below-given steps carefully. 

Install MetamaskTransfer BNB to MetamaskConnect to Pancakeswap: Connect to the Pancakeswap by tapping on the “Connect” button. This connects the Metamask wallet to Pancakeswap. Swap: It’s time to swap BNB for $THRUST. For this, you should add the BNB amount while the PancakeSwap calculates the precise $THRUST value. After signing into the PancakeSwap, set slippage at 12% and tap on the “Swap” option. Next, click on the edit that appears on the other window. Next, set the gas number 10 to 20 times more than the present value. Finally, approve transactions and get ready to enjoy exclusive benefits from Thrust. 

Connect with Them

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Contract: 0x8b772f35f7bd400bd9d35a0a18f4790b02fbd940

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