What is StormX price prediction? StormX is the world’s first cryptocurrency cashback platform, allowing users to earn rewards and cashback for their fiat transactions. StormX effectively brings Bitcoin into the mainstream banking system by smoothly integrating their blockchain technology with regular purchases.

StormX Price Prediction: Introduction

We will use three conventional to find the best StormX price prediction for the rest of the year. That includes technical analysis, traditional time frame forecasting, and advanced machine learning. We will also look into the current coin rate and historical data to arrive at the best STMX price prediction.

At this time, StormX is trading at around $0.02711, according to data available on CoinMarketCap. Altogether, StormX boasts a market cap of less than $300 million, which is fully diluted to around $272 million.

StormX is a platform to earn crypto cashback with every shopping. From the onset, the fine print here seems to show that investors have no reason to discount their share of STMX. At the end of this article, you should be able to discern a solid STMX price prediction with high accuracy scores.

StormX Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

This year from the start of April to mid-month, SRMX price reached its peak, thereby bursting through every StormX price prediction. After the STMX price sharp rise, a downward price movement developed that put to the test every support level on its way to $0.0106. The decline is accompanied by low volumes and a short-lived burst of high volumes, which suggest buyers are interested in reducing STMX price.

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Considering the short historical case in April, when after the strongest growth, the price returned to its base, the concern of every STMX price prediction is a decline to a historic low. It is better to make a realistic StormX price prediction for the short term on a smaller timeframe. The four-hour chart shows the current market situation much better.

Image Source: TradingView

We can observe consolidation patterns developing with high bullish potential because an increasing buyer activity accompanies it. An indirect sign that the expected fall is nearing its end is the position of the MACD line. The MACD is attempting to cross the signal line from bottom to top, thereby confirming the end of the bearish trend. However, the histogram remains with low activity, and there is no sign of a trend reversal.

Most likely, the price will be on the rise soon. However, the intensity of the bullish reversal will be characterized by moments of weakness. A similar market pattern of price movement has already occurred in July and early August. In the months leading up to the end of 2021, there is no reason for any other bearish developments. The expected STMX trading range is $0.0556 to $0.0397.

Moreover, the stochastic RSI is in the oversold zone. However, the signal is weak in the absence of a confirming signal from the MACD and accompanying price action, which can indicate a change in trend is coming at the end of the consolidation period. From the chart above, the STMX price will approach the support level of around $0.0233. When this level is confirmed, the price is likely to rebound and continue to move within a wide channel with a high at around $0.04.

StormX Price Prediction: Market Opinions

Get ready. All leading predictions systems have released StormX price forecast for October – November. As predictions continue to unfold, StormX price forecasts for the rest of the year are growing particularly exciting. With StormX growing both its top and bottom lines recently, expectations are high going into 2021.


StormX price forecast for the Next Year, according to WalletInvestor, is $0.0595. The long-term earning potential according to this forecast system is nearly double. This forecast gives anyone who is worried about STMX by branding it as a solid investment for 2022. At the same time, the minimum price in the StormX price prediction from January 2022 is projected at $0.03.


DigitalCoinPrice is just as optimistic. The StormX price forecast for October-November is $0.04598. Moreover, the StormX price forecast for the rest of the year is $0.05. In that effect, investors should not expect any rapid moves in 2022. The forecast system marks $0.032 as the best possible, lowest point of the period starting January 2022. That way, even on its worst of days, STMX might remain the best performer.


Gov.Capital is the most optimistic of all StormX price forecasts for the next year and beyond. The system projects STMX could achieve the coveted valuation of $0.139 by the end of 2022, on its way to breaking past $1 in five years. Based on this analysis, traders can expect a mind-blowing trading period in 2022.


According to experts at Priceprediction.net, investors have plenty of reasons to smile with an optimistic StormX price forecast for October – November. As the StormX price prediction breakdown reveals, the patterns are building upon significant buyer optimism, which will charter the read to $0.1 in a five-year timeframe. In the meantime, a trader should make themselves comfortable at $0.032.


Positive predictions coming from TradingBeasts: StormX price forecast for the rest of the year show the crypto is on the road to appreciation. The analysts are convinced that key indicators indicate a strong bullish trend moving forward. That means STMX could be valued at $0.05112 by the end of 2021. By considering this projection, 2022 already appears to be the STMX that will take off.


Furthermore, the forecasting team at Cryptopolitan projects a low price of $0.03529 and a high price of $0.05190 going into 2022. This StormX price forecast for the next year is expected the average price of 2022 to be around $0.04152. Everything else remaining constant, STMX is expected to retest key support levels that will set the pace for extraordinary performance in 2022.


Cryptocurrency analysts, too, are not being left behind in this wave of StormX price forecast for October – November. Heshamahli, for instance, is basing his StormX price prediction on an Elliot wave projection. The StormX price forecast for the next year sees STMX hitting $0.165. Further, down the road, the projection predicts STMX could fold on selling pressure, but not before testing $0.265. However, the analysis gives no clear outline on how these figures will be achieved.

Another StormX price forecast for the rest of the year is offered by Jonnycatx. Considering the price action at the start of 2021, this StormX price forecast for October – November has predicted a continuation of the started uptrend. By November, the price may reach $0.04. At the end of the year, $0.04282 could be the next threshold for STMX, which could signal a rebirth of a new star in the market.

Latest News and Happenings Concerning StormX

Every StormX price prediction we have reviewed here is reliant on the startup’s ability to accomplish the roadmap set at the start of the project. One critical promise that features prominently on the StormX roadmap is the planned physical debit card, which would allow users to make good use of their crypto cashback with each. The scheme would connect users instantly to payment processing and wallets for currency conversions.

Well, StormX is already accepting pre-registrations for the debit card program. The introduction of the StormX Debit Card adds a new layer of Crypto Cashback. This development not only gives users more ways to use cryptocurrency but also seeks to open up cryptos to the new user by adding further real-world utility. The debit cards hold the StormX native token STMX. That means everyone can get in on the STMX act, especially in buying everyday goods.

In the past, StormX has allowed the user to shop almost entirely on crypto cashback. The back-to-school season, for instance, saw users enjoying the perks of crypto real-world use cases. This program puts STMX center stage in the real-world application debate, which has greater ramifications for every STMX price prediction. In the future, cardholders will be able to pay for their purchases with StormX tokens and receive further rewards on top. It goes to show the role StormX plays in bridging the gap between digital and real-world finance.

Already, venture capital firms and big-money investors are taking note of the huge prospects presented here. With each STMX price prediction, StormX reports investors are lining up to get in on this action. That’s right, StormX recently stunned many with the announcement of a $6.03 million growth round to further expand the product offering. The rollout adds to a number of rounds, which had big venture capital firms fighting for a share of StormX.

By this time, StormX already had notable investors such as Plug & Play Ventures, Ohana Northwest LLC, and more. For most, the biggest selling point on StormX price prediction is the mission to make crypto fun and easy experience. Crypto cashback is the easiest way to onboard more people into crypto, and StormX makes it as simple as your daily dose of coffee. Today, users can show with the brands they love, including eBay, Nike, Groupon, Agoda, Levi’s, Sonos, Macy’s, Adidas, Lego, and more.

StormX Price Prediction: Verdict

The median StormX price prediction tells us the future of STMX. Based on the averages and experts’ opinions, the price of STMX is not likely to go above $1 within a year, but StormX price forecasts for the next year are bullish. Stable growth is predicted further in the future, which makes STMX a worthy long-term investment. Concluding remarks: The StormX price prediction is so far as good as it is for the HBAR price prediction and for the Storj price prediction.

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