Octaplex Network – a new crypto rewards platform that is aiming to become an integrated network of trusted partner projects, has just reached the two-month milestone and is quickly making ground on its goal of becoming a complete interoperable ecosystem.

Octaplex Network is an incubator platform consisting of frictionless products and partner projects that also include a proficient reward system for its users to take advantage of. The rewards system includes a vast array of customizable options for the tokens they can earn and a unique variable percentage system – with Octaplex Network, control is in the user’s hands when it comes to the reward selection.

Octaplex Networks Partnership Program and Incubator

The current blockchain space consists of many different networks operating independently. Each project built on these networks has its own set of use cases, relevant skills, and varying levels of expertise. Typically, these individual projects are all competing for their own slice of market share and generally working against each other to get there.

Octaplex is creating a point of difference in the crypto space by building an ecosystem to benefit their own project and holders of the $PLX token while also enhancing the entire industry through shared knowledge, expertise, and values – in turn sharing success. 

The objective that they are well on their way to achieving is to create a blockchain incubator. A single location where projects can share their relevant mastery, skill-set, and ability, to help elevate each other in the Octaplex Network partner program. Octaplex Network is a platform of individual projects that work cooperatively to achieve a complete decentralized ecosystem that operates as a whole and is greater than the sum of its parts.

Investor Safety is Paramount

The Octaplex team takes investor safety and protection seriously throughout the entire ecosystem. Scam projects and potential rug-pulls are an everyday occurrence for users who frequent this space, and without proper research, putting money into the wrong project can be both an easy and risky endeavor.

Octaplex is using the platform to remove the guesswork for investors, by providing an added level of protection and safety by putting each project through a thorough verification process, as well as the team behind it with a detailed selection process. Only verified and vetted partner projects are added to the platform and in doing so, helps remove the guesswork required when buying new tokens.

Octaplex Crypto Rewards dApp

Through the use of their very own crypto rewards app, $PLX holders have the ability to customize their reward options in numerous ways, and in a way that is rarely seen on similar services. The rewards on offer through the platform aim to benefit the user and the projects listed, users have a vast selection of tokens reward options and projects get their tokens to more holders.

Users of the Octaplex dApp have the ability to choose up to 6 individual reward options, and can customize the variable percentages of each individual token. The user has complete control of the rewards they earn and projects within the platform can utilize and share each other’s communities to help grow their own. Everyone benefits.

New partner projects are being added to the Octaplex platform each week, and they are always looking to grow the list in order to provide the best selection of token reward options for their users.

Octaplex Networks Roadmap for the Future

Octaplex has a substantial plan for the future of the project with developments and updates being constantly added to the platform and future roadmap. Planned updates include increased interoperability through planned bridges with various chains, a complete escrow service, NFTs, and a hub called PlexNet – a platform where partners projects, service providers, and content creators can collaborate and share ideas effectively. 

New partner listings are being added to the Octaplex Network with the aim to continually grow the platform. An up-and-coming listing to the service is the application and altcoin exchange Altbase. Their native token $ALTB will be next week’s ‘token of the week’ and has already been made available to users as a reward option by holding $PLX. 

The team is conducting a round of AMAs with partner projects in the near future and is currently updating their whitepaper and roadmap to reflect their ever-growing collaborations, updates, and developments.

It is rare to see a project two months from inception, already making such a strong partnership and collaboration list. The project already has support from projects of all sizes as well as the communities behind them, due to this, they have many projects eager to climb aboard to take advantage of this idea of sharing knowledge, community, and collective growth.

Octaplex is well on its way to achieving its goals of becoming a completely decentralized ecosystem and blockchain incubator, creating positive change for the average investor, the projects involved, and in turn, the crypto space as a whole.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OctaplexNetwork

Telegram: https://t.me/OctaplexNetwork

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Curtis Ramsay


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