The countdown begins for the release of Junkie Catz, a unique Polygon-based NFT and passive income project. The series is set to launch in only a matter of hours at 7 PM UTC on Nov 3rd. The highly anticipated and limited edition sale will go live soon, with only 4444 mints, all with varying levels of rarity and junkieness.

Junkie Catz is a collection of NFTs, created by a group of NFT enthusiasts from Fomo Labs and CPIE, using eye-catching and imaginative designs, to tell the story of a group of “junkie cats,” whose best days are behind them after falling on particularly hard times.

The Story of the Junkie Catz

The story began on one fateful night when a group of your average, well-loved, and well-fed house cats found themselves on the wrong side of the law. The night started out like any other, the cats were roaming the neighborhood streets, catching mice and getting into the local trash cans, doing what the cats do best while their owners slept. Only on this night in particular, they decided to venture a little further than any other and ended up on the wrong side of the law. As fate would have it, the local cat catcher was also out that night, and quickly the cats were caught, never to be seen roaming the streets again.

The House Cats Were No More

Life inside one of the strictest animal shelters in the area changed them forever, doing whatever they could to survive meant doing things they never thought they could. The cats found living in such a harsh environment wasn’t easy, they missed their old life but after months of no one coming to collect them, depression took hold and addictions started to form. 

This only got worse as time went on and as the cats started losing all hope, in their despair they turned to harder substances to cope. As dependency took hold, their chances of being released only grew thinner. No family wants a junkie for a pet, and through the daily cycle of addiction and dilapidation, the cats were never the same. 

Prison life gradually took more of a toll on the cats as the years went on, and eventually, the group became what is now known as Junkie Catz.

JunkieCatz set to light up Polygon NFT scene

The Release Of Junkie Catz

Junkie Catz is using a team of highly skilled industry marketers and influencers to spread the word about the group of Junkie Catz. 

Releasing this group of cats and getting them clean is the main goal. The bondsman needs to be paid, and selling these NFTs is how the team plans to release these junkies.

The Roadmap and Release Schedule

The team behind the NFT project has some strong plans and goals with their sights set on a big launch day, ultimately aiming to sell out on day one.

The roadmap is laid out into five stages, with varying levels of $MATIC rewards, based on the success of the initial mint.

10% Sold – Junkie Catz are released from jail and the Bondsman is paid his due.

25% Sold – 5,000 $MATIC will be allocated to be distributed amongst holders of certain traits.

50% Sold – Distribution of rare and limited editions Junkie Catz NFTs will be distributed to selected holders in the community.

75% Sold – 10,000 $MATIC will be distributed amongst holders of certain traits.

100% Sold – 15,000 $MATIC will be distributed to select holders depending if you hold the super rare Catz! there will only be a select amount of these available.

Once the initial mint is sold, Junkie Catz version two will commence and a new mint will come into play.

Passive Income from Holding or Playing

Gamification on Junkie Catz is a big step for the launch of the NFT project. Once the initial mint is completely sold out, the beginning build stage of the Junkie Catz game will take place and will enable holders to play and earn Junkie Catz rewards for doing so.

Holders of the Junkie Catz NFT will also be able to earn rewards in multiple ways, all by holding the Junkie Catz NFTs. Reflections are earned in $MATIC for regular holders of the NFTs, with early holders receiving a portion of $MATIC tokens assigned for the launch, which is allocated for distribution as the initial sale gets closer to its target.

The launch date of Junkie Catz is only a few hours away, set for 7 PM UTC on Nov 3rd, with further updates to be announced on the Junkie Catz official social media accounts as the countdown to release begins.



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