What is the difference between IOS and IOST? The Internet of Services (IOS) is a next-generation blockchain technology that offers the network architecture that enables a service-oriented ecosystem to function. IOST is IOS Token.

IOST Price Prediction: Introduction

This year might market the benchmark year as IOST price prediction predict IOS Token could surpass all-time highs and rake in high returns. With mass adoption, IOS token price predictions estimate the token could be valued as much as $1 within a few years. 

Currently, IOST is valued at $0.05012 according to pricing data by CoinMarketCap. This amount brings the market cap of IOST to nearly $1 billion with a fully diluted market cap of nearly $5 billion. 

IOS is building the essential infrastructure for the emerging Internet economy, and IOS tokens will power this new world. This token is designed for the Internet of Services sector to offer scalable, secure, and decentralized blockchain functionalities. We use statistics, expert counsel, and AI-powered forecasting to find the best IOST price prediction for 2021. 

IOST Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

For a comprehensive IOST price prediction, let’s look at the price action on the monthly charts first to determine the path ahead. We are studying the key levels of support and resistance that the price of IOST is going to interact with on its presumed path to get to $1 or lose out completely. 

Source: TradingView

The IOST price chart above shows a key resistance level, which is situated at the peak of the 2020 bullish trend. For the last few months, ever since reaching this level, a strong sellers’ reaction has been observed, which gives the right to assert that another effort to break the resistance level is forming around $0.068. 

After the technical analysis on the Fibonacci channels, another interesting conclusion can be drawn for IOST price prediction for 2021 to 2022. If we consider the price action at the bottom of the trading history as a basis, then the Fibonacci extension levels show the strengths of IOST bullish potential. Where the historical high is $0.156, a coincidence confirms the validity of other Fibonacci levels, which can be used as key levels to form the most accurate IOST price forecast for 2022. 

Source: TradingView

Given a general description of the IOST USD price chart, it can be noted that the IOST bullish potential remains in the long term. A sharp fall with an exit below $0.02, which is difficult to imagine in the current market condition, can serve as a break of the trend. The technical analysis helps tell more about the future price of IOST, at least for the next two years. The IOST price movement based on historical patterns shows strong support as prices are being pushed upwards on buying pressure. The pressure is likely to continue to 2022. 

IOST Price Prediction: Market Opinions

Investors and analysts alike are all looking up to IOST’s next big move. We have the IOST price prediction for October and beyond right here. Moreover, we’ll include expert advice and analysis on IOST price prediction for the rest of the year. After a brief dip, is IOST ready for a bull run?


WalletInvestor encourages every investor to hold on to their IOST tokens with a prediction that in 2022, IOST will begin with a minimum price of $0.06. The average price will be $0.09 by mid-year. December 2022 will lighten up the mood with a maximum price of nearly $0.1. 


The TradingBeast predictions are also optimistic. Based on the technical and fundamental analysis of IOST price prediction October – November 2021, IOST will fly above $0.06. The price will be more than double in 2022. The year will begin with $0.06, and the final price in December will be $0.08. 


CoinQuora is bullish on IOST. As the analysis states, IOST could sail beyond $0.08 in 2022. The line of $0.1 will not be crossed within a year. In the weekly frame chart, a bullish pattern is shaping up, leading to a price breakout potentially in Q3 of 2022. The bullish bias, according to CoinQuora, will not be evident until the end of 2021.

Digital Coin Price

DigitalCoinPrice offers another bullish prediction with greater emphasis on the long-term price action, which is at play. The prediction projects prices reach $0.08 before the end of 2021. In 2022, IOST might attempt to hit $0.1 but might fall short of sustaining this bullish momentum until after 2023. 


Gov.Capital is bullish but with a touch of skepticism. According to the IOST price prediction for the rest of the year, the token will trade on a consolidated range with no significant uptrends or downtrends. The forecast determines $0.582 as the most likely price of IOST in 2021.

Crypto Rating

The technical team at Crypto Rating anticipates volatility in the months leading up to the end of 2021. In a one-year time frame, IOST price prediction 2021 to 2022 is $0.1 at its modest values; thus, the best investment strategy is held. Moreover, the prediction classifies future fluctuations as insignificant as IOST is on bullish momentum.


IOST is a favorite of many famed cryptocurrency trading experts. Harrison, for instance, offers a strong bullish IOST price prediction targeting $1 by the start of 2023. The prediction is built on strong fundamentals. IOST provides strong use cases, which are synonymous with the best performing cryptocurrencies in the market. 

In an indication of the strong prospects IOST presents, readCrypto collaborates the bullish sentiments on IOST. He suggests the best IOST price prediction on a one-year timeframe is $0.09, as the token carries all the hallmarks of an uptrend. With the threat of a downward moving trend clearly averted, the only way for IOST to go is up towards $0.1. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning IOST

Recently, the IOST Foundation is investing in the understanding of blockchain technology and the development of potential blockchain engineering. The initiative has grown into the Blockchain Free Educational Program, which brings together over 300 students at 9 universities and other educational institutions. 

Moreover, tech companies and law firms are also jumping on the program to expand legislation and applications of blockchain. Since the beginning, IOST has set its mission to push the adoption of blockchain. To that effect, IOST has built a track record as well as its latest alliance with the Japan Blockchain Association.

In late September 2021, blockchain consulting company NFT-Japan Inc. and IOST formed a strategic partnership for knowledge-sharing and the development of blockchain-based products. The goal of the partnership is to boost the ecosystem of both companies. In this partnership, Rizin Fighting Collection (RIZIN FC) will officially become an IOST partner node. 

NFT-Japan Inc. has been gaining a massive media spotlight. The announced launch of RIZIN Fighting Collection for NFT trading is built on the IOST blockchain. It launched with the release of the widely popular MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Organization RIZIN expected at the end of 2021. Already, the beta site is open, and a pre-registration campaign is ongoing.

IOST Price Prediction: Verdict

Perhaps it is a bit sad that IOST price prediction reveals that investors will have to wait longer to see the cryptocurrency valued at over $1. Still, if you assume that the IOST price prediction for the rest of the year is correct, then $1 might just be around the corner. So we can make a nice bridge to why IOST is an interesting investment opportunity for traders within the crypto world. Be prepared, IOST may be the next cryptocurrency to explode in the near future.

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