Find out what qualities determine a good converter for 1INCH and MATIC.

What to Look for in a Cryptocurrency Converter

1INCH and MATIC cryptocurrencies are currently in the spotlight due to their rising price and attractive prospects. A lot of investors say that MATIC (also known as Polygon token) has great potential and can be the next big thing in the niche. 1INCH token is also new and quickly gaining popularity, due to the increasing interest in DEX.

In order to save time and money, as well as protect yourself from undesirable consequences when exchanging 1INCH to MATIC, you need to pay attention to 4 crucial qualities of the converter.

#1 – Security of Converter

The security of the platform for exchanging cryptocurrency determines the safety of your funds, so checking the reputation and reviews of the converter is an essential step. There are some tips for a faster evaluation of a converter’s security:

Check the presence of the Anti-Fraud department

Big companies tend to have an Anti-Fraud department. It’s one of the most critical points for crypto exchanges, as such departments help to avoid unfortunate occurrences regarding money and personal information.

Security audits of the converter

Security audits are made to reveal the weak points of the exchange’s security and build the confidence of users and investors. The System and Organization Control (SOC) audits are considered to be the finest ones. They are able to identify the risks and notify clients about them independently.

Setting two-factor authentication

In order to have an extra security layer, it’s essential to set up two-factor authentication to protect your account data. Multi-factor authentication can be traded as text phone messages or email notifications.

#2 – Customer support services

There are a lot of factors that define qualified customer support. Before exchanging crypto, you should check all the options that the exchange offers in order to avoid negative consequences. The help center of the selected exchange should include:

Counseling services

You should be provided with detailed information about the cryptocurrencies that the platform deals with, withdrawal information and conditions, clear description of data security and usage. If you have any questions, you should always know where to turn, and how fast your issue can be solved, if needed.

Contact information

It is essential to know the exchange’s email address, contact numbers, and all other ways of communication before using its services.

Step-by-Step Guidelines

It is not necessary, but if the exchange provides its customers with clear and comprehensible guidelines on using the services of the platform, it means that the company takes care of its clients and is ready to support them at every turn.

If you are looking for a 1INCH to MATIC converter with professional customer support, Godex will provide you with all the necessary services. Visit the website to find out more about exchanging.

#3 – User-friendly interface

To make your converter usage faster and easier, it makes sense to select one with clear navigation and an intuitive interface. If you open an exchange and can’t figure out what’s where, it’s better to find another one. All the buttons and input fields should be placed conveniently and easy to find.

#4 –Transaction fees   

Make sure there are no hidden transaction fees on the platform that you are going to use. You should understand the conversion process and know the exchange rates of currencies.

You should prioritize converters that offer fixed transaction rates. This option will be helpful if you are new to trading or don’t want to monitor the market.

It is also wise to choose platforms with a flexible structure if you aim to minimize transaction fees. Sometimes fees decrease when you exchange crypto more or less often or exchange bigger amounts of cryptocurrency. Try to find more information about it on the converter platform.

Why Crypto Transactions Are Profitable

Crypto-to-crypto exchanges are easier to find because you do not need the multiple payment options. You can select one that offers crypto-to-crypto conversions and not worry about providing your ID information or KYC. Moreover, purchasing goods with cryptocurrency has a lot of advantages:

Blockchain technology makes payments safer and faster. Transactions don’t cost much, and operations don’t take long.The payment process is only your responsibility; it doesn’t depend on a bank or any other platform.Using cryptocurrency for purchasing and exchanging provides you with a certain level of privacy and anonymity.

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