Left unchecked climate change will lead to massive global disruption. Imagine water shortages, mass migration, food shortages, and the extinction of countless animals and plant species. Make no mistake, the climate crisis is the most immediate threat of our time. On the bright side, there is still time to act and everyone can play a part in tackling the climate emergency. Here are five ways everyone can make a difference:    

Get Active!

The number one thing we all need to do is raise awareness! In a world where climate denial and information is rife we all need to do our part and speak up. We need to be a voice for future generations who will have to live with the consequences of our actions and our inaction. So join a climate cause, go to a rally, become active online. The options are endless, from organisations like The Greta Thurnberg Foundation to eco active altcoins like Little Baby Doge, there are lots of ways you can invest your time and even your money towards a brighter future for the planet. In fact, Little Baby Doge  is currently offering to donate 1% from every blockchain transaction to Greta’s Foundation so by becoming part of the unique climate focussed cryptocurrency community,  you can support both at once.

Seek Out Clean Energy Providers

Sustainable energy is no longer a concept, it’s already here! Why not consider choosing a green energy provider for your home and business? The more of us who opt for renewable energy, the more interest the big players will take in the field and the lower the prices will become. There are plenty of safe, reliable options now, from solar, tidal, thermal, and wind-powered generators. By switching your supplier you’re helping shape the industry overall. Click here to find a green energy provider near you. 

Save Water

Climate change affects us all in many different ways. While we will hear lots about melting glaciers and rising tides, much of the world will see a dramatic decrease in water. Without water, there is no life and so it falls on us to preserve and conserve all that we can. By taking care not to waste water and needlessly consume it, we can protect the natural balance and help preserve fragile ecosystems and distant animal habitats. Preserving water is easy too. Take showers rather than baths, flush only when necessary, and if you have a garden try to make the most of rainwater by installing a waterbutt. Here’s a great link for anyone looking for ways to lower their water consumption from the wonderful Eden Project.

Less Is More

As a species, we consume way more than we need. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that most of us live in a world of plenty. Of course, not everyone is so lucky and it’s up to those of us who have enough to eat today and a place to stay tonight to consider the less fortunate. So, next time you feel your credit card itch, consider buying something second-hand or upscaled. The world is so small now that if you’re looking for something you can be sure there’s a new option for sale near you. From Super OLED TVs to iPhone Xs, there’s nothing you can’t source preloved, and when it comes to fashion and household goods the world’s your oyster. From pre-worn to remade the secondhand market is such big news that even some high street stores now have 2nd hand departments.

And Finally… Change Your Outlook

It’s not all bad news and while there is plenty we need to worry about, it’s clear many of us have begun to act. Indeed, by reading this you’re showing you’re ready for the fight, but don’t stop here. It’s up to all of us to make safe the planet for the generations to come and we all must play our part. Little Baby Doge  and organisations like us are doing all we can to make it easier for good people like you to act. So, join in our revolution now and let’s hit climate change where it hurts. 

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