All of us have dreamed at one time or another of earning money doing what we love. Of course, it’s a laudable desire because we know that earning money doing something we love means it’s not really “work.” 

Blockchain technology through projects such as has sought to respond to this human need. Providing with the possibility of creating personalized tokens that allow “one-to-one” trading from anywhere in the world. Finally putting the key in the hands of people to develop their own projects and promote them through the world wide web. 

Custom Cryptocurrencies for Everyone

The first major advantage of customized cryptocurrencies is that it doesn’t matter what your cause is, there will always be space for you. Imagine that what you want is really to support an animal shelter, perhaps you are a singer and are looking forward to promoting your first album. 

When you become a coin creator at you are welcome to give it the reasons that you consider worth it and let your followers get convinced by what you show them. Since you can publish updates and show them cases, people’s stories, moving stories or developments, and innovative ideas to earn their trust.

How to Do It?

Custom cryptocurrencies at give you the chance to sell and trade with your products and services attached to your tokens. In other words, people can have the chance to count on themselves and their followers and communities to start their own projects. They don’t need anyone else to tell them how and when to do it. 

To learn how to create a cryptocurrency you don’t need super high knowledge of blockchain or code. It is possible to create a coin in just a few simple steps and get your token set up for your needs in a free-of-code environment.

If you want to earn as an investor or token holder, then you can start by visiting MintMe’s trading page. Each token has a project or purpose behind it, and you can take the chance to get to know them and see which one you like the best. Of course, as a giver, you may feel an attachment to certain kinds of content and project subjects and you may as well give without expecting anything, yet it is not a bad idea to consider the potential a token has to increase its price in the future.

You can also easily become a token holder by getting some airdrops. You can search for active airdrop campaigns and help perform the promotional activities/tasks each token creator asks for. It can be as simple as subscribing to a youtube channel, retweeting, or posting about it on your social media. After that, you can get an airdrop referral link as well and increase your token earning by supporting the campaign by sharing it yourself.

If you want to earn money as a token creator then take into account your total supply since the beginning, set a price and token release period then take advantage of all of the mintme features: Airdrops, Voting, comments, DMs. You can start a campaign and promote your services through your tokens to make them go high in value. 

Custom cryptocurrencies in other words can bring people to another level of what it means to support other people and to monetize their ideas, doing what they love to do and receiving support from those who believe in them. 

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