What is Crypto.com coin? CRO is the Crypto.com Chain’s native token. The Crypto.com Chain was established to create a network of cryptocurrency projects and to let retailers accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Crypto.com Coin Price Prediction | Introduction

In this Crypto.com Coin price prediction, we combine the use of the variables of technical and fundamental analysis of key indicators for an accurate forecast. CRO has exhibited an impressive feat in 2021. We have rounded up all of the essential ingredients, along with opinions of experts that can help you make an accurate CRO price prediction.

At the time of writing this piece, CRO (Crypto.com Coin) was trading at $0.3589, according to data curated by CoinMarketCap. This figure brings the market cap to an astonishing $9 billion. The fully diluted market cap is estimated at $10.8 billion. With that out of the way now, we can dissect the numbers even further like we do for every crypto price prediction.

You may know Crypto.com from the slick advertisements and branding on popular sporting competitions. Crypto.com is the fastest-growing crypto app. With tens of millions of users buying and selling over 150 cryptocurrencies, you bet CRO is a solid investment for your crypto portfolio. But that’s not what you came to read about, so here’s the Crypto.com Coin price prediction.

Crypto.com Coin Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

On the technical side, the crypto.com coin is retracing after getting rejected at a stiff resistance level. While this correction could extend lower, it will be in search of a launching pad for bullish crypto.com coin price prediction that will propel CRO higher. A breakout of $0.4196 will form the basis for a good run in 2022.

Source: TradingView

Crypto.com’s price dropped 20% from $0.4 from the previous high to where it currently stands. This downtrend sliced through the demand zone on the MACD. Attempts to reclaim this failed as buying pressure has fallen short. However, in the long-run crypto.com coin price prediction, investors can rest their confidence on the fact that this action on natural price rejection before a breakout.

Now crypto.com coin is hovering above the $0.36 support floor in hopes of taking another jab at the resistance barrier mentioned above. The potential spike CROs need in buying pressure that clears this hurdle could potentially come towards the end of the year with enough intensity to kick-start an uptrend.   

Source: TradingView

Crypto.com will first encounter the resistance level at $0.40. This ascent from $0.37 will constitute nearly a 10% ascent. While overcoming this blockade will not be easy, doing so will allow the fastest-growing native currency to scale higher and tag an attempt to break $1 in 2022.

Although retracement to $0.40 is expected, investors should be mindful of the selling pressure that knocks crypto.com coin price to produce a swing low below $0.30 and $0.25. Such a development will invalidate the bullish crypto.com coin price prediction thesis, as it would be a lower low.

However, there is a chance this CRO swing low could be manipulation from the market makers targeting the wonderful prospects of the crypto.com coin by collecting the sell stop liquidity resting on $0.30 and $0.25. In which case, a new bull rally could kick-start, pushing CRO to resistance levels at $0.40, $0.45, and $0.50.

CRO Price Prediction: Market Opinions      

Buying CRO at the current trading price is a huge leap of faith, and you wouldn’t want to be the biggest fool. So, in this section, we consider the most credible predictions for a middle ground to identify a reliable Crypto.com coin price prediction.


WalletInvestor suggests CRO price breakout is imminent as crypto.com coin’s technical show strength to reach $0.416 within a year. Based on this Crypto.com coin price forecast for the Next Year, CRO teeters on the edge of an extensive breakout. The buying opportunity is closing as Crypto.com coin price forecast for November – December inches closer to a $0.4 target. As the bulls wrestle for the $0.4 territory, this forecast system offers a bullish Crypto.com coin price forecast for the rest of the year.


TradingBeasts crypto.com coin price prediction for the Next Year is reasonably bullish at $0.6. CRO prices could more than double on new year steroids once the bulls shatter crypto.com coin price forecast for November – December at $0.4. This CRO price prediction suggests CRO could hit the point of maximum pain before breaking out to $0.6124 for a crypto.com coin price prediction for the rest of the year. That means CRO has positioned itself for the best scaling solution.


Gov.Capital crpto.com price prediction proposes CRO is at a make-or-break point at $0.4. The crypto.com coin price forecast for November – December is $0.4393, suggesting CRO prices contemplates a strong start to 2022. As CRO prepares to flip $0.4 into a support level, crypto.com coin price forecast for the Next Year warns of bears planning to make a comeback. Despite of this, this crypto.com price forecast for the rest of the year remains bullish at $0.6391.


Priceprediction.net hints CRO will skyrocket to $0.40 for a crypto.com coin price forecast for November – December. This crypto.com coin price prediction proposes CRO could shake off bears with an upswing to find crucial support at $0.39. This support could determine the crypto.com price forecast for the rest of the year. With support looking out for CRO price, crypto.com coin price forecast for the Next Year is $0.66.

Market Realist

Market Realist crypto.com coin price prediction hints CRO is fundamentally strong enough to be valued at $2.30 in a five-year timeframe. This crypto.com coin price forecast for the Next Year reads CRO is at a point of retracing its resistance-breaking zeal. The plan looks to a $0.5 breakout for a crypto.com coin price forecast for November – December to signal double gains on the horizon next year. As for the crypto.com coin price forecast for the rest of the year is $0.80.


DigitalCoin confirms CRO is on the edge of a strong rally to $0.5592 to constitute a bullish crypto.com coin price forecast for the next year. Even though bears may go through shades at a bullish crypto.com coin price forecast for November – December, CRO prices will double within a year. This crypto.com coin price forecast for the rest of the year suggests CRO is building up to reclaim another all-time high on the back of strong fundamentals pushing the price to $0.6413.

Crypto.com Coin Price Prediction: Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers

The crypto trading coming is also weighing in with their own projects. Aqwndawg18, for instance, gives a crypto.com coin price prediction pointing to unfinished business on the resistance line at $0.40. The CRO coin price prediction for November- December looks to convert $0.40 into a reliable support level for a breakout to test $0.7 in 2022. If CRO bulls charge again towards the end of 2021, a bullish outlook for crypto.com coin price forecast for the Next Year will be justified. Provided the bulls hold the line, the crypto.com coin price forecast for the rest of the year will provide near double gains.

Pol13337 proposes the resistance is already broken given that a burst of buyer volume towards the year will inevitably push prices to $0.40 in his crypto.com price prediction. With resistance as support, this crypto.com price forecast for the Next Year points to $1.21 as a reliable target. A strong price action exhibition at $0.39 to $0.45 levels could be the final signal for a bullish crypto.com coin price forecast for the rest of the year. At $0.40, pending a retest and confirmation of the new support line, CRO could be headed for incredible gains on the backdrop of a strong crypto.com coin price forecast for November – December.

Latest News and Happenings Concerning Crypto.com Coin

Crypto.com Coin is the native token for the Crypto.com ecosystem, serving over 10 million users. The crypto.com brand has been on an aggressive campaign to brand improve public perception of cryptocurrencies in general. Already, the brand has tapped the help of actor Matt Damon to be the new face of the platform, appearing in Crypto.com promos, and it’s working. CRO performance over the last few months has been astonishing, shattering every crypto.com coin price prediction and the performance of other top-gainers.

The success of CRO is riding on the increasing popularity of the Crypto.com app. CRO has reported gains of up to 58%, rising in rank to No. 23 based on market cap, and this has caught the eye of major players in the industry. Recently, Coinbase Pro announced its planned support for CRO. The listing came on the backdrop of mounting requests by the customer to be able to trade the asset against other crypto-assets on the popular trading platform. This development goes to show the sentiments on the trading floor, which could impact every crypto.com price prediction.

On the adoption front, crypto.com coin prides itself in enjoying the support of several businesses that use their checkout and invoicing products. Crypto.com enables the business to accept crypto payments for products and services. This feature allows the business to get instant payments in CRO, stable coins, or fiat currency. Given that CRO is the native token for the Crypto.com chain, it comes as no surprise that many businesses choose this coin for payments.

Crypto.com Coin Price Prediction: Verdict

The median CRO price prediction is bullish. Therefore, investors can expect to grow their gains on CRO even on choppy trading days in 2022. Moreover, provided the signals discussed here are confirmed, crypto.com coin price prediction points to several breakouts coming around the corner.

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