Coinbase Revealed Shiba Inu Coin price will hit $0.1 Soon!!
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Shiba Inu Coin launched in 2020 with hopes of becoming the bane of the recent meme-based cryptocurrency, Doge Coin. It promised to be the “Dogecoin Killer,” and that’s a big thing to commit to considering the token’s almost overnight success. Many were unimpressed or even doubtful of its success. However, the last few weeks has seen Shiba Inu live up to that promise with its brand new listing in some of the largest crypto trading sites, including the coveted Coinbase.
The Shiba Inu Coin, beloved by its community of crypto investors, now has a steady chance of toppling Dogecoin as the king of the meme cryptos.
Shiba Inu Coin is a token that seeks to become the Ethereum-based alternative to Dogecoin. It was created to be intentionally abundant, unlike Bitcoin, and has a circulating supply of one quadrillion and a value that is steadily rising as more and more investors look to the lovable coin as their next venture. Some analysts are even speculating that with the pace that it’s going right now, Shiba Inu Coin could quite easily hit that $0.1 mark soon!
Now, with its listing in Coinbase, this dream is coming closer to investors’ reach.
Around June, Coinbase announced that Shiba Inu will be available in the site’s Android and iOS apps. Coinbase made a formal announcement on Twitter that investors can begin making inbound transfers to their Coinbase wallets for the SHIB token, along with a few new other cryptocurrencies. Once sufficient supply of the token is established, order books will begin launching in three phases: post-only, limit-only, and then full trading. Coinbase was set to launch updates each time a token has passed a phased and moved on to the next one, and with the pace that SHIB has been going lately, Coinbase also declared that by June 16, trading for the coin was set to begin, as long as liquidity conditions were met.
Just after this announcement, Coinbase experienced some technical hang ups around this time. Coinbase tweeted the announcement on June 17 with a promise of providing an updated timeline for restoring deposits and enabling trading as soon as possible. The account became quiet for a minute after this and as a result of this announcement on Twitter, plenty of new prospective SHIB buyers and existing holders were disappointed, with some even calling for Coinbase to revoke the listing, despite the promise that it will be back in business soon enough.

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