Coinbase Announced Shiba Inu Coin Price will hit $0.1 soon!!
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Shiba Inu, one of the most discussed cryptocurrencies in 2021, is back in trend after growing its value while Dogecoin falls during its surge. The Shiba Inu is identified by allowing fast transactions, basically the same as Bitcoin, only that its purchase value is much smaller.

One of the thrilling additions is how Coinbase is the apparent hotspot for SHIB trading. The asset has stood as the strongest gainer on the platform for a couple of days, knocking Mask network, Avalanche, and others. Despite the amazing energy for Shiba Inu, there is a certain degree of hype and FOMO surrounding this project. 

Speaking of Coinbase, most users note a strong buy sentiment toward Shiba Inu. With more than 98% buying support, the current market energy might proceed for some time to come. Coinbase users have been bullish on SHIB for different reasons, and it appears to be that pattern will proceed for some days to come. Accordingly, bullish sentiment is essential during this part of the uptrend.

The other big and recent adoption on the Shiba ecosystem is from Binance.US.  The token was added in Binance’s Innovation Zone in May – A zone tailor-made for high-risk traders. This was soon followed by rival exchange FTX listing the altcoin when it was at its peak market cap of $13.83 billion. However, its price has since devalued by 80%, with its price movement slowing down too.

While Binance US had been postponing the listing for some time because of undisclosed reasons, it is now open for trading on the platform. This news came closely following the Coinbase Pro listing. The latter fueled a 30% appreciation in its price.

The crypto’s high unpredictability and risky nature could make it a debated matter for the SEC. This, particularly since even American exchanges like Binance.US and Coinbase are in the crossfire. 

While SHIB’s fate is still in question, it could end up being a state of worry for these exchanges. 

Also, while the OG meme token DOGE has crypto-advocates like Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, and Vitalik Buterin backing it, alongside a revived foundation employing developers, none of this seems to be here for its copycat, except for its growing ecosystem. 

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