The Base meme coin sector is witnessing a revival, led by the ever-popular Brett Coin, and this comes as a new meme project has ignited excitement following a $3m funding raise.

This article will provide an analysis of BRETT’s current price trends and look to see whether an innovative new meme coin, Pepe Unchained, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.


You about to awake the parabolic beast

We may see a surge into the $0.136-0.14 area today.

Time is ticking anon. Won’t be seeing these prices forever.

— CryptoSniped (@CryptoSniped) July 10, 2024

Eagle-eyed trades across the crypto community have been honing in on the resilience demonstrated by BRETT price over the past 48 hours – leading to predictions that the top Base meme coin could be heading into a parabolic high-time frame breakout.

BRETT Price Analysis: Leading Base Meme Coin BRETT Ready to Explode on High-Time Frame

As price action poises in the charts, BRETT meme coin is currently trading at a market price of $0.12 (representing a 24-hour change of +1.15%).

The resilience shown by BRETT over the past 48-hours comes after the leading Base meme coin has found strong support – with multiple bounces forming a localized ascendant trading channel.

Critically, price has now entered a retest of 20DMA support at $0.12, if this area can be well-defended, this will propel BRETT up to the topside of the local trading channel at $0.15.


A glance at the RSI offers little clues to price direction, with the momentum indicator sitting on the fence at 51, suggesting that the price could really go either way (insightful, I’m aware!).

However, the downside risk seems limited here by the ascendent lower trendline, which has proven to support across 5-candles in the past 48-hours, and seemingly demands a retest too.

This means that even if BRETT price loses position above the 20DMA, it will likely find immediate feet below it, again poising price to return to the top of the trading channel (except with the additional backing of a cooled RSI).

With that in mind, even a short-time frame dip will prove bullish for BRETT’s strong chart structure, and it seems that one way or another, BRETT’s price will be surging to touch $0.15 – it’s simply a question of when.

But while BRETT holders await their next pump, there’s no reason to stay inactive when explosive opportunities emerge in the crypto market daily – and a new meme coin project has just pulled-off a multi-million raise – let’s take a look.

Is Pepe Unchained (PEPU) The Biggest Meme Coin Opportunity in July 2024?

Amid the appetite for high performing meme coin projects, Pepe Unchained is rapidly appearing across social media discussions as a potential candidate for the next major pump.

At the heart of this is a combination of viral success and genuine meme coin utility.

To dig in, Pepe Unchained is currently running the PEPU presale, which is an early-bird opportunity for smart money investors to back the developer’s work before the PEPU token hits the market.

This can be an incredibly lucrative investment strategy, as buying PEPU now at just a $3m market cap offers the chance to capture the lion’s share of future gains.

For example, if PEPU repeated just 25% of the success seen in BRETT (based on market cap), this would produce a jaw-dropping 100x return for Pepe Unchained investors today.

And while this might seem slightly fantastical, it’s not an unlikely outcome for this coin due to it’s unique utility which aims to deliver the PEPE ecoystem onto it’s own Layer-2 blockchain (similar to Shiba Inu’s Shibarium upgrade).

Another chain broken!

Pepe officially hits $3M! Thank you for the incredible support. The journey is just beginning.

— Pepe Unchained (@pepe_unchained) July 10, 2024

The idea here is simple: PEPE as a blockchain that can compete with DOGE and SHIB.

It’s literally that simple; yet suprisingly never before attempted by the PEPE community – highlighting this project as potentially on of the biggest meme coin launches of 2024.

So don’t miss out, follow PEPU on X and join the Pepe Unchained Telegram.

Buy PEPU Here

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