Binance is one of the largest crypto trading platforms in the world. When Binance released the Binance Coin (BNB) in 2017, it quickly grabbed the spotlight. BNB remains one of the most popular cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

For any crypto investor, what crypto wallet they use matters a lot. 

Choosing between the many options can become complicated. They have different features, use different storage methods and work for different purposes. Not everyone would agree on a single best crypto or Binance wallet.

There are over 68 million cryptocurrency wallet users in the world. 

Accordingly, there are many wallets for BNB. Our list of best BNB wallets to use in 2021 will guide you to find the wallet that works for you. 

Best Binance (BNB) Wallet to Use in 2021

Our list of best Binance wallets to use in 2021 focuses on a few major factors: ease of use, security, features, and support. Each of these five wallets has its pros and cons, and we have covered the relevant sections for most users. 

1. Moonpay


If you are looking for something simple yet powerful, Moonpay is your best bet. It is a great desktop application to buy and sell many cryptocurrencies, including Binance Coin (BNB). Moonpay’s tagline ‘Fast, Simple, Secure’ sums up what the platform offers. If you want to buy BNB on Moonpay, you are just a few clicks away.

Moonpay makes it possible to buy BNB with almost every payment mechanism, including Visa, MasterCard, and a host of other debit and credit cards. On top of that, you can buy BNB on Moonpay using apps like Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Way. 

The main reason Moonpay is gaining widespread popularity is its ease of doing transactions. You can even buy cryptocurrencies on Moonpay through international bank transfer, which cuts down on the ancillary costs of other payment gateways.

Moonpay has featured in all major crypto media outlets, including CoinTelegraph and CoinDesk. Apart from that, they have positive reviews from top media houses like The Times and Business Insider. You do not run the risk of transacting or storing BNB on shady wallets when you use Moonpay.

If you are worried about the negative environmental impacts of cryptocurrency, Moonpay should be your go-to wallet. In association with the United Nations, Moonpay implements three major Sustainability Goals. On top of that, it uses 100% renewable power sources for all operations and is completely paperless. 

By 2030, Moonpay pledges to be carbon neutral. If you want a great BNB wallet that also believes in sustainability, Moonpay is all you need. 

2. Ledger Nano X


Now we are coming to a hardware BNB wallet from a desktop application. If you feel more comfortable with hardware wallets, you cannot get anything better than Ledger Nano X.

Ledger SAS, the parent company of Ledger Nano X, has made a name for itself as the developer of the most trusted hardware cryptocurrency wallet. Their solutions for protecting digital assets are very popular in the crypto community. With a credible background, Ledger Nano X is a safe option for all cryptocurrency investors.

Ledger Nano X is an improved version of the Ledger Nano S. While the latter is nothing more than a robust hardware crypto wallet, the former comes packed with multiple features. It is wireless and allows you to connect with your smartphones without an OTG. On top of that, its battery will last up to five hours. For these reasons, many consider it to be the best hardware wallet for storing BNB and other cryptocurrencies.

You must keep in mind that Ledger does not directly support Binance Coins. You have to store BNB on Ledger via the Binance Chain Wallet. Ledger Live, the software interface for Ledger Nano X, supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies. When you are storing BNB on Ledger Nano X, you are simply accessing it with Binance Chain Wallet’s interface instead of Ledger Live’s interface.

Many people prefer hardware wallets for their advanced security components. If you are looking for a hardware wallet to store your Binance Coins, the Ledger Nano X ticks all the boxes. 

3. Trust Wallet

Unlike many other products that do not live up to their name, Trust Wallet is indeed one of the most trusted wallets for storing cryptocurrencies. 

With a whopping user count of more than 10 million, the Trust Wallet is one of the most popular options for storing BNB.

The best thing about Binance wallet is that it consolidates all your digital assets in one place. You can track their growth, earn interest, buy new coins, and more, all without leaving the app. If you prefer a unified platform for all your cryptocurrency requirements, Trust Wallet is your best option.   

Apart from buying and selling BNB and cryptocurrencies, Trust Wallet allows you to buy and store non-fungible tokens (NFT). NFTs are the newest craze in the crypto world and already a multi-million dollar industry. If you have spent enough time on the crypto circuits, you must have also thought of buying NFTs. With Trust Wallet, you can buy and store NFTs and cryptocurrencies from the same platform. It will save you both hassle and time.

Another key feature of Trust Wallet is its support for DApps. DApps, or decentralized applications, are apps that run on the blockchain network. As many experts claim, DApps will be the future of software technology. With Trust Wallet, you can browse and use your favorite DApps without leaving your wallet.

Trust Wallet is available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store. You can even download the .apk file directly from its website. 

4. Trezor


Any veteran investor in crypto would know of Trezor. It is one of the oldest hardware crypto wallets in the market. After Ledger Nano X, Trezor is another great hardware wallet option. However, we would not recommend it to beginners. If you have a decent understanding of how hardware wallets work, you would love to use Trezor.

Trezor provides top-notch security in saving all your cryptocurrencies, including Binance Coin. Being a hardware wallet, it provides 100% security against any virtual theft or cyber attack. If you value safety over multiple features and ease of use, Trezor would be a great option.

To access Trezor, you would need to connect it to a personal computer via USB. Unlike Ledger Nano X, it does not offer wireless connectivity. However, Trezor supports all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and android. You would not have a hard time accessing your coins. Simply use Google Chrome (or a chrome based browser) and the Trezor Bridge to access your coins.

Although it is a hardware device and does not have scope for an intuitive interface, it does offer a smooth user experience. Navigating through the functionalities would not be difficult for anyone. Trezor is also known for its great customer support. Whenever you need any assistance, you can count on their customer service to help you.

You do not need to worry about losing your Trezor wallet since all your data is easily accessible from an offline backup. It gives you a recovery seed with which you can access your coins at any time. 

5. Binance Chain Wallet


We have saved Binance Chain Wallet for the last since it is the first name that pops at the mention of BNB wallets. It is the official wallet from Binance and comes as an official browser extension. 

If you want something focused on the Binance Smart Chain, Binance Chain Wallet is your best bet. It also lets you create NFTs and do yield farming. Although it does not offer as many features as Trust Wallet or an intuitive interface like Moonpay, it does have its own merits.

Like Trezor, we would not recommend the Binance Chain Wallet to beginners. However, if you are particularly interested in the Binance Coin, it can be a good choice even for novices.

The Binance Chain Wallet is ideal for crypto day traders. Since crypto is more volatile than other instrument vehicles, fluctuations in price are often a matter of hours, if not minutes. 

Some users prefer selling their coins as soon as possible. Doing so might be a long process in other wallets-but not with the Binance Chain Wallet. You can sell your coins in a matter of minutes without any delays.

Binance Chain Wallet prioritizes security as much as any trusted cryptocurrency wallet. It has both two-factor authentication (2FA) and universal two-factor authentication (UFA). On top of that, they store most of their data in cold storage. It means your data is disconnected from the world wide web at most times.

For a BNB-focused wallet, Binance Chain Wallet is a great option. 


Choosing a wallet for your Binance coins is often a very difficult task. While there are many options available, not all have the same features and customer support. 

Choosing a crypto wallet also depends on your expertise. Some are better for beginners than others, and not all offer the same security features. Our list of best BNB wallets will help you find the one that works for you.  

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