NFT is a technology that has truly shaken almost every industry. Artists, musicians, video makers, and many other professionals are moving their work into NFTs and starting exciting new projects. NFTs have, without doubt, taken the world by storm, their potential and skyrocketing success have made it a promising area of investment. The future is indeed NFTs and more and more industries are joining.

Among art, music, and other industries, adult film star Lana Rhoades has made a fresh entrance into the NFT space with her new NFT project called CryptoSis. Lana is the first adult film star to enter the NFT space and start a project. She is truly leading this part of the entertainment industry.

Unlike many other NFT projects in the space, Lana’s project has a clear and concise roadmap. It also has an experienced team of people at the helm. Lana will be using her popularity to bring her fans into the NFT project. This gives her a solid advantage over many others.

Lana has already started to see some incredible results. In just a few days, they have attracted 60,000 members and this number is continuing to rise by the day. For those who choose to become part of her project, they will have the opportunity to directly talk to Lana in her general chat. And they will all be able to attend her AMA’s.

The Discord account has an unbelievable 100,000 members. Incredibly, there have been no paid promotions for the NFTs. CryptoSis has developed a supportive, friendly, and open community that still has its white list open. This exponential growth has beaten everyone’s wildest expectations; in just 7 days they were able to garner 100,000 people who are followers by word-of-mouth and who have been following Lana’s posts.

This rapid success is just a sneak peek of how NFTs can get a community to grow, only in a matter of days. Up until now, they have managed to give back $10,000 to server members, which is truly amazing, especially considering the short time they have been in operation.

Lana mentions that while they are seeing some impressive success with the new project, it was a difficult path that led her and her team to where they are. She mentions that banning and spotting bots from the server was a very challenging task. Over a very short time, they have managed to ban over 30,000 bots. They’ve also managed to grow their TikTok account to an amazing 50,000 followers all in just 48 hours. They even have a video that has about 3 million views.

When it comes to wisdom, Lana says that her goal is to build a community of people who are welcoming towards one another. These new lessons will be learned as people come together in this project. They have solid plans for the future. This NFT project is definitely one that everyone should consider investing in and being a part of.

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